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If you drive this car regularly and do at least the preventive maintenance and preferably the corrective yourself, then you should know the answer to your question. If everything is known to be in good reliable order then you should have no problems. All that said, there are NEVER guarantees.

I drove my first W123 car 280,000 miles and my second went over 500,000 miles. The second one I drove about 60 to 70 thousand miles a year. Several times a week, I cranked it up in the morning and drove 300 to 600 miles before shutting it off for anything other than a fuel/coffee stop. In all this driving I broke a belt once on the road, but had tools with me, stopped bought a belt and put it on in the auto supply parking lot. I wasn't even late for my meeting that was still 150 miles or so away.

What you have going for you is the repuatation for reliability. That said, no matter how reliable the DESIGN, if it's not properly maintained and things watched properly, it still will not be reliable.

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