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I agree with the sentiments expressed above above. I would be sure to take a few primary fuel filters and the simple tools to change one if you get some bad fuel. Other than that, good tires, proper tire pressure, oil level checked, coolant checked, tranny fluid checked, brake fluid checked, power steering fluid checked, clean air filter and you should be OK. These are things you would want to have in order anyway.

I was just on a 1,000 mile road trip this past weekend with my family (went to a wedding in NYC) and although we needed to take our van because of the number of people, along the way we saw several cars pulled over for various reasons. Flat tire, overheating, who knows. What is to say that if you took your Jeep you would not have a problem? It does not have any guarantees. I would venture to say that a good working MB is less likely to break down for an unexpected reason than a good working Chrysler product, only because the components are more hefty and durable.

Good luck on the trip, whichever car you take.

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