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A/C repair. Thanks to Benzmac, et al.

To all who have contributed their advice and counsel regarding R12 vs R134. THANKS!!!

Just had my 22 year old AC compressor, dryer and expansion valve replaced on my 1980 450SEL. Clutch failed catastrophically along with a leak in a compressor seal. Not to bad to have lasted 22 years.

Found a reputable independent willing to let me bring my own NEW parts as he does not do many BENZ's. Had it all flushed, replaced all O-rings with R-12/134 compatiable rings and oil, and then went ahead and installed R12.

I viewed the R12 advice from past posts as the most reasonable thing to do. The darn system wasn't designed for R134 without a few more mods (e.g. automate the cooling fan to come on sooner, etc.) Heck, At least what I did leaves open the opportunity to install 134 later if necessary.

Again, This is a top 3 web site for me. THANKS!!! (OBTW - FastLane is GREAT!!!)
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