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wipers blowing fuse immediately

The other day I disconnected my battery with car running and wipers started moving on their own (powered by alternator which may have been putting out too high of a voltage at the time).

Now known that this maybe wasn't a great idea, so let's move on to how to fix the wipers as rainy season has just come upon us and I drive this car a lot.

I noticed wipers weren't working, so I checked fuses - it was blown. I replaced it, turned on the wipers, and it blew immediately again -- wipers didn't even move before it blew.

Any ideas as to what could be the potential causes of the fuse blowing, as in, what could have been burned out/shorted out when too much electricity had it's way with the wipers and other items on the wiper fuse ("optical horn" - don't know what that is).

If I remember, the wiper motor is a pain in the ass to get at... any ideas as to first items to look at? Is there a wiper relay of some sort?
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