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Talking Mein E-code lights are in!!!! (now with pics)

They arrived yesterday, installed today after work in about an hour. WOW, I can see!

I didn't take any pictures of the transplant, but I did think about it, I guess I was too anxious to get the job done. Everything went smooth. I did spend sometime reading through all of the old euro light posts, and saw that several (mainly 124's) folks were complaining about difficult to reach screws. I didn't have any problem, but that could be because I went to the extent of removing the fill panel below the lights to ease installation.

Removing the fill panel really created a vast amount of room to slide the old bucket out and the new in. I used the US style wipers and they look/work just fine. The 6 pin plug has been rigged with a jumper wire to power the city lights but I haven't found the proper 5W bulbs for them, oh well, another trip to the parts house .

I did find that my lightweight 25W soldering iron doesn't have enough juice to melt the factory solder. I'm guessing the factory used a fairly high percentage silver solder. That's OK, gives me the perfect reason to get a mid range iron, something that runs hotter than the 25W but cooler than the fire. Everything is set up so that when I get a hot enough iron, all I have to do is pop the turn indicators out and solder the wire to pin 4.

Adjusting the beams was a snap following the directions on the link. I can honestly say that the difference truely is amazing, now I know why everyone crows about euro lights. I swear, with the low beams on the light output appears much brighter than high beams of the DOT lights and highbeams look like aircraft landing lights in comparison to DOT's.

For the fog lights I have standard H-3's. I did not try modifying the relectors to accept the yellow cups from the DOT assemblies. I will try to source yellow H-3's locally before ordering them on-line from suvlights. The white bulbs really add to the light, almost like driving lights but with the lower fog pattern. We'll see what the reaction of oncoming traffic is before I switch.

Again, all I can say is WOW.
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