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i am not sure about that line of thinking. the bypass flow is in effect when the thermostat is closed. the modification to close off the bypass is not clear to me because i don't know how the coolant flows when the main valve is not open. the bypass is closed off so where does the water pump draw coolant from? a lower temp thermostat such as a 79C might do the trick. there was a thread on this in the performance forum but the issue on whether or not the special thermostat was required was never resolved. here is a diagram of how the whole system is supposed to work. "A" is a cold thermostat . "B" is when it is partially open. "C" is when it is fully open. i know about removing the thermostat and closing off the bypass in tropical climates where the ambient temperatures are always high and even then it is not always desirable because of the possibility of over cooling. maybe someone can explain how that special thermostat is supposed to work...
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