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I'll try one more time.

If it is not a part that rotates more than 360 degrees constantly as the car goes down the road, it CANNOT be a source of vibration. It CAN, however, be something that will allow the vibration to be more noticable.

The rotating parts to which I am referring would be tires, wheels, rotors, bearings, driveshaft and associated components, halfshafts, transmission rotating parts, engine rotating parts, rear axle rotating parts.

So you have two categories of parts, rotating and non rotating.

By far, the most likely vibration culprit is the wheel/tire combination, the second most likely is the driveshaft components.

The worst offender for non rotating parts are the motor mounts. Anything else in the suspension and steering system can aggravate mostly wheel imbalance.

Another thing you should pay attention to when analyzing a vibration is its speed. The driveshaft spins at an RPM about three times greater than the wheels. You should keep this in mind when trying to isolate the source.

Outside of bad motor mounts, you are chasing your tail replacing all sort of non rotating components in an effort to eliminate a vibration. Although these components should, of course, be in good condition, you cannot eliminate a vibration by replacing them. If you are on a campaign to replace every non rotating part that might be causing exagerated vibration, you are on an almost endless path until you correct the ROTATING SOURCE of the vibration.

Good luck,
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