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Now I am really puzzled! Since getting back home, the leak has not gotten worse, in fact it appears to be significantly reduced. The driveway only shows a few oil drops, which could have just been from the oil already on the underside of the car. I was able to take a look under the car while on my ramps. There does appear to be a small amount of oil on the underside of the turbocharger. The largest amount of oil was near the rear of the engine at the transmission area. I could not pinpoint the source of the leak.

It still seems to me that the oil leak/useage is not significant at lower speeds around town. This problem appeared on our first trip at sustained highway speeds.

I know it is not recommended by many on this site, but I did add a bottle of stop leak to the oil for the return trip home. It is possible that this has also lessened the leak.
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