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Engine Operating tempurature Flucuation Issue

For awhile now my 300TD has not been able to maintain a stable operating tempurature. in traffic it will hover just above the 90 degree C mark. at highway speeds it stays stable at the 80 degree C mark or just above it depending on the ambient tempurature outside. But, if i get on it to pass a truck or go up any sort of grade the tempurature starts to climb and will stabilize around the 90 degree mark if it is cold outside.

Just this weekend i was in a caravan of vehicles moving slowly along some steep wind-y roads. for the first port of the accent we were moving at a good 35 miles an hour but the temp just kept climbing moving up to the 120 degree mark. with the heater on full blast i was able to stabilize the temp before reaching 120. but i could not get it to drop untill i reached my destination and shut off the engine.

so to get to my question, is this a coolant flow or airflow problem. I have more evidnence to support the former as the fan clutch does engage fully and engages at the correct tempurature.

where do i go from here??

Disclaimer: For those of you who have read my thread about burning used motor oil in my engine, this is an unrelated problem and it has been going for quite awhile.
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