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Ok, I DID AS DESCRIBED THE HE SITES PROVIDED AND HERE ARE THE CODES, 26, 29, 30. I did it twice and erased what I could and I still get those codes from the Conv. top button. I took of the cover in the pass side fire wall and There was a burt fuse on top of this red box. There are 2 10 amp fuses there and 1 was burt and I replaced it, Is thos the OVP? I noticed that after I replaced the fuse, The ABS light went out and the car started running weird. First it would not idle but then it seemed to be ok. But I have another question, Im having tranny problems as well. Someone just posted their's and Its the same as mine. Reverse seems to be slipping. But anyway the lights on the shifter dont light up. Maybe there is something blown or disconnected on the tranny therefor the top doesnt know if the car is in park? Just a thought, Please let me know what the codes mean. You guys Are awsome. Thank you for your help. Rick D.
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