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Big Bowser
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Greetings, I am a "newbie" just found your site last weekend. Have been reading all I can every night, (wife is not very happy, she says all I do is play on computer! imagine that!!!)I have learned alot.Enough about me, here is my problem I have a 72 280se 4.5 the aux. fan does not come on, when I ground the 210 switch wire there are two relays that "click" they are located on the right front firewall in the engine compartment. There are three relays mounted in front of three small fuse boxes. Two are "flasher-can" style and one is a ice cube relay. The ice cube is in the middle of the other two. The ice cube and the inward "flasher-can" style both click when I ground the the 210 wire. The aux. fan has ground but no "hot". Is there a fuse I am missing somewhere? When I apply power directly to the fan wires it works fine. I would really appreciate any feedback anyone might have on this. Thanks Phill
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