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Hello, I had the same problem and re-built the switches. My problem was dirty contacts. And YES the biggest problem is the small ball bearings that will fall out. If memory serves me, (although rarely well) there were about 12 small balls. Be sure to work over a cleared workbench and be prepared to catch them. I would lay a bath towell on the table so they won't bounce away. During the process I lost one, and it took almost an hour to find. I polished the contacts inside the switch, with a dremel and worn wire wheel. and VERY light presure. You'll barely need to touch them. You'll also run into little rocker type contacts that will also fall out. This is a tedious, job, and NOT for the impatient. Too many years ago, I worked in a TV shop, so I was not intimidated. This is NOT an easy job, but with a great deal of patience (a magnifying light in my case as well) it can be done. The re-assembly is the problem. If your not good at figuring out where all the little parts go, you might cosider just getting a replacement even though they are expensive, BUT it can be done. You'll need a dremel w/wire wheel, (a worn bent over wheel works best as it is less abrasive) and a wide tip tweezers (which works better than a small pliers). Good Luck! :p
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