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I see on your website the diagram of the relationship between the DM (N59) and the ECU, where it shows that the DM is responsible for the ON signal for both the secondary air and EGR diagnostic. This is my problem. EGR and Secondary air not achieving readiness. I know the DM is functioning as I put it another C280 and these 2 monitors ran and went to ready. My ECU, via a Snap-On MT2500 can be commanded to run the secondary air fan and EGR valve. Possiblity of the wiring from the DM to ECU being problematic? Or simply not communicating. Anyone know the strategy of testing the connection or communication between the DM and ECU. I'm going to guess that the O2 sensor/heater and purge monitor don't need a command from the DM to ECU, thus they achieve readiness (the only ones that do)?

Thanks for any input.
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