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Here's the pics

On the way home from work today I stopped and picked up a 40W iron. Got home and soldered in the jumper for the city lights. Everything is working and looking good. Making the move to a 40W iron was just the trick, the extra juice melted the factory solder without any problem.

Here is how it looked yesterday (actually an old picture during the resurrection)

and how it looks today

and with the city lights on


the whole shooting match

The city lights really looked dim in the late afternoon shadows, but really brightened up once it got good and dark. This mornings drive into work was a good test of my aiming job, we had some super dense fog. The E lights and fogs put out a light pattern that allowed me to actually see the road instead of reflective glare off the water droplets. Before I hit the highway, while I was in an area where I knew no other drivers would be at 0500 on a Sunday, I shut off the headlights and just used the fogs. They did such a good job I could have driven all 7 miles on fogs only.
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