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Exclamation 450slc no start diaginosis

i have a 1974 450 slc mercedes 4.5 v8 . it was runny with a slight idle problem but other then that i couldnt ask for much more out it. I drove it for about ten minuetes and then i let the car sit for proably an hour while i did a few other things. i went back out to start the car.
the car would turn over as if it where going to start. but it doesn't. the car will make a sounds like it almost ready but it doesnt have enough fuel to get it really going.
Ive tested the spark on one of the plugs. i checked the voltage at the fuel pump which is about 6.4 i think. If i spray carberatuor cleaner into the air intake and it almost fired if i heald the gas pedal all the way down. That worked till it started flaming backwards out of the air intake.(my freind burned his knuckle hair off). so thats where i stopped i think ill do a compression test on the engine and check all the spark plugs for sparks. then ill check the fuel pressure throught out the system. I am a beginger mechanic so i have acces to a lot of tools.

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