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Deezel - Thanks so much for your time and the overview

Larry - I think I have a leak more than internal consumption. I used synthetic awhile back and noticed consumption went up noticably afterwards. I switched back to "dino" oil. When I pull the large plastc shroud from the bottom, I see eveidence of oil leaking down from around the distributor. Does anyone know if this would be oil leaking past a distributor seal or is it coming from the head gasket. I realize I need to look, just searching for the most likely causes of M103 leaks from around this area.

There is one thing that REALLY seems strange to me and the condition I'm about to describe also happens with a '95 Rodeo V-6 3.2 liter engine.

After an oil filter change, I can go approx 600-800 mi. without any oil loss. After driving approx 600-800 mi. I begin to use about 8 oz every 250-350 mi approx. You drive another 250-350 mi, then an 8 more oz. I change my oil and filter every 1,500 mi. After the oil change, everything is fine for 600-800 mi, then I go thru the whole thing again....lose 8 oz or so every 250-350 mi ??
Why the engine seems to stop leaking temporarily after an oil/filter change is beyond me?

Thanks to all of you veterans on this site that help diyers like myself.

Mike Murrell
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