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Originally posted by 400E

I just ordered some inserts from Fastlane, but the manufacturer was listed as "SWF." Does anyone know anything about this company? I was hoping for Bosch, although I stopped at an auto parts store today and the sales guy said he'd heard Bosch was getting out of selling inserts.
Yep, I can't find the inserts anymore at Pep boys and others, I hope the dealer still sells them

By the way for those who have bought the complete bosch wiper (not just the insert) from autozone or where ever, the metal for the mercedes wiper from the dealer (with the star on it) is wider and heavier, so don't throw it away, keep it and buy an insert next time. Has anybody else noticed this? The heavier wiper is quieter for some reason especially on older arm assemblies.

Just a little thing I noticed when changing my blade last week, hope it helps...............
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