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SLK 230 FSS Re-Set

Just changed the oil (Mobil One & factory filter) on my SLK 230. ODO reads 11,612. I change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Went through re-set procedure of the FSS and the counter will not re-set. Book says it should re-set to show 10,000 miles. The current reading indicates - 27 days and the alarm sounds when turning the key to position 2.
The procedure out of the Owners Manual is;
1) Turn key to position 2
2)Within 4 secs press button 1 twice
3)Present staus is displayed. Within 10 secs turn key to position 0
4)Press & hold button 1 while turning key to position 2. Present staus will be displayed again. Continue to hold button 1.
After approx 10 secs signal sounds & display shows 10,000 miles for approx 10 secs.
5) release button 1.
Looks simple but I can't get it to show 10,000 miles and re-set. Any ideas?
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