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I think the fintail coupes are just hot right now. I've been watching them on ebay for quite a while and it is quite amazing what they are going for. I imagine that alot of the buyers are buying them sight unseen and going on the descriptions and photos which, in my experience, are very incomplete or outright misleading. It's a dodgy proposition to buy a car without seeing it and knowing what to look for. The last two cars I looked at and rejected were relisted because of a "non-paying bidder", which I took to mean that the buyers came to get the car and learned the awful truth about their real condition.

It would certainly be better to buy a $15,000 good example than buy a $10,000 one and have to put another 15 grand or so in it. Wood, upholstery, chrome, rubber and engine work will kill you on these cars. Not to mention bodywork and a respray.

Of all the Mercedes models in the world, it's not hard to see how these coupes end up being impulse buys.
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