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Fred Prickett
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I for one fully support Larry's post. It has always been my practice that any time the engine has been opened and the opportunity for any foreign material to enter, I always put in freah oil, run it for 300-500 miles, dump it, and then return to my normal oil changing regimen. One other recommendation I would make WRT your trip is to take along an M-B oil filter for your car, especially if you decide to change oil while on the trip and the opportunity presents itself to use an independent dealer that may not have the proper filter for your particular model. You probably already do this but I also carry along in my trunk an extra quart of oil just in case what I use in the crank case is not readily available while on the road. And, don't forget to check the air pressure in your spare tire. Have a great trip; hoprfully getting there will be just as enjoyable as reaching your destination !!

Fred Prickett
85 500 SEL, 241,500 mi
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