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Hopefully someone with your model will chime in here, since I am dealing with the cars listed in my signature, and I haven't done your car. I ASSUME they are similar, but I could be wrong.

Firstly, open and remove your ashtray. There should be a couple screws behind there that hold the ashtray base in. It should come out, and you will probably have to unplug it to get it out of your way.

At this point you may want to put the key in, and move the shifter to neutral or drive (chock the wheels or engage the parking brake. Your console panel may just lift up and back at this point, or there should be some screws that you can see, either at the front where the ashtray unit was, or under the carpet (or whatever you have there) at the rear of that panel. BE VERY CAREFUL here, because most of these panels require a bit of pressure to get out, which MAY CRACK YOUR BEAUTIFUL WOOD PANEL!!! I have cracks in both of mine from PO's. Go slow and gentle.

On mine, at least one of the switches unplugs as the panel comes out, in effect holding the console in place. On my earlier car, there are lugs at the rear of the panel that hold the rear down, so to remove the panel, you have to cock the front upward and back. It won't lift straight up. On my 400, the panel will lift up from the rear.

There is another cover with the PRND21-shiftgate, could snap in, might have bolts or screws. Remove this.

At the base of the shifter shaft should be a 17mm(?) nut; when undone (ccw), the shift knob can be unscrewed.

Putting the new shifter on is just the reverse, with a bit of care to get the thing to look straight.

I have an aftermarket shifter that doesn't sit properly in the notches in the shift gate, and requires an additional tap to release the key in park. It is coming out as soon as an OEM replacement comes in. I figured I ought to warn you that if you don't have OEM, you may have fit-and-finish issues.

Hope that helps. I have seen my mechanic do a few of these, so doing one seemed less intimidating. It's not a bad job, just be careful of your wood!
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