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500E 60K Service

Hello All,

My 1992 500E has 55K miles, and I'm wondering if I should do the 60K service now or wait til I hit the actual mileage. In other words, is this a mileage-critical service or a time-critical service? Theoretically, this car should have hit 60K in around 4-5 years, and here it is 11 years later and I'm still probably a year away from hitting 60K. Is there something I should do now (plugs, plug wires, rotor caps, etc) and other items I could wait on doing? Your collective thoughts?

Also, what does the factory-recommended 60K service encompass? There isn't a description in the back of the owner's manual as I've seen in other cars I've owned. The service writer at the dealership didn't know off the top of his head, and I'd like to do the things that need doing, not just the "nice to do" like lubing door hinges, etc.


1992 500E
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