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10 Second Drive


Thank you for the codes. You have been a great help.

I read each code twice then erased each code then drove the car forward for more than ten seconds, and then tried to operate the top and it operated.

Quoting an MBNA letter to all dealers dated July 1993

"Increasing, power soft top control modules are being return under warranty which while not defective, have various codes stored in the DTC memory. AMong the codes present are those which suspend soft top operation:

Diagnostic trouble Codes (DTC's) which suspend soft top operation

Model DTC

124.066 3, 18, 20 - 24
129 21, 22, 26, 30

Control modules returned with these codes will not be accepted under warranty.

The following procedure should always be carried out:

1. Recal DTC memory.
2. Erase DTC memory
3. Drive vehicle for more than 20 seconds.
4. Open and close soft top
5. Recall DTC memory again.

Should a problem occur during soft top operation, hold the switch until the indicating lamp in the switch begins blinking. If the previously listed DTC's can be erased, soft top operation is once again possible. In other words, the fault is no longer present. The exception to this is DTC 30, which may be stored again while driving."
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