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1989 300e 103983 In line 6cyl 124 body

Thanks for the information in the replies. I forgot to pass on all the information in the last post. I've had the air cleaner on with all attachments and hoses tight and sprayed carberator cleaner all around the throttle body (thats what I call it) and lifted car on hoist and sprayed from the bottom and it didn't affect the idle speed at all. The micro sw that was mentioned I have ohmed it out and when closed I have a circuit and when I move the linkage the circuit goes open this check was done at the switch with it disconnected. when warm it idles about 1500 rpm without the compressor engaged, if I disconnect the idle valve it drops about 500 rpm, there is a black plastic sw on the front of the Throttle body and if I connect the idle valve and disconnect it the idle drops about 500 rpm but it only drops 500 rpm with both disconnected. The black sw on the front has 3 pins so I figure it is some kind of throttle position sensor. There is also another larger black plastic sw/sensor on the back side of the unit (towards the rear of car) When I disconnect it the rpm remains the same. If I could only find a discription of operation and what each item does I think I could find my way. Its almost like something is telling the control unit a false signal. The engine runs great, took it on a 300 plus mile trip and between 65-75 I got approximately 25 miles per gallon of gas (89 octane)

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated

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