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Originally Posted by mercmad6.3 View Post
They ask big money down here for them too. it sounds about right at $500 .I paid that for mine and was very happy with price because the car was rusted beyond belief from the floors down . And that includes the diff and front end.
These cars were actually put together better than the sedans so a good one is a very good car.
1967 MERCEDES 250SE W111 Private Cars For Sale in NSW -
And they're nicer than 113's. Better ride, better seats, nicer interior with the same drive train as found on the 250's and 280 six cylinder cars. If you don't really care to drive with the top down in a 113 ( and I don't ) a nice coupe would be a very good second choice. For the most part, you can buy a lot of car for not much money.
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