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Originally Posted by JollyRoger View Post
So you are alleging there is some sort of widespread raping going on, and that the point of OWS is to rape people? Or are you just taking a single case in a movement involving hundreds of thousands of people who are protesting in public parks where anyone can walk in, and blowing it all out of proportion in an attempt to do a guilt-by-association thing that has no real basis in any logic at all because you have a political agenda? You wouldn't do that would you? Perhaps you have like, some facts to back up your alleged dirty-hippie crime wave? From what most people can see, those who are not blinded by idealogical hatred, is that this is a group of people who are mostly like, unemployed, thanks to a Wall Street disaster created by Wall Street, and those who did not regulate their criminal activities. But you, you can go on thinking that those are a couple of hundred thousand sex criminals, I'm sure that works for you.
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