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rough shifting transmission?

I've had my 85 300td wagon for over a year now. A freind of mine just aquired a 86 300sdl. His car is far more powerful than mine. I realilize that his is a six cylinder and mine a five, but that shoudn't make a huge difference right? I've always wondered how quick my car should be. I don't want a race car, but 0-60 in less than 60 seconds should be attainable. My car has exhaust leaks everywhere that it's possible to have one. Once I determine that my transmission is not bad I will repair the exhaust system and hopefully that will cure my power/acceleration problem a little.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the transmission hadn't been shifting very smoothly. I checked the ATF and it was a little below the bottom line on the dipstick. I added a little fluid to bring it up to half-way between the lower and upper lines. I really didn't noticed a difference. Then this afternoon the transmission started acting very funny. It would stay in first gear untill the rpms were at 3500-4000 then shift abrubtly to second then very quickly to third, bogging down the engine. Tonight it drove a little better anmd wasn't acting up at all, it acctually ran pretty good. I search a few threads and came up with very little. I got nothing worth while out of the Chilton manual. I did see a few things on some threads about kickdown switch and vaccum modulator and torque converter, but again nothing in my Chilton.
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