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The next question is whether the dealer actually does whats listed on the service menu! :-)
My E320T just had a 60K service done. Only 4 days later, I found that the self-leveling hydrolic oil level had fallen to almost nothing!!!
Wonder how the dealer missed that.... :-)
My E500 is coming up to 57.5K service - just an oil change. I shall be waiting until 60K before further enriching the dealer.
Oh, in addition, the dealer charged me $37 for a $21 (MB list) air cleaner as well as nearly $5 per quart of crappo Quaker State engine oil. Essentially, the dealer overcharged me for all parts (matrixing in MB speak) for incomplete work.
Needless to say I am a wee bit annoyed...
Finally, if your car has been properly maintained, I would recommend against bringing forward the 60K maintainance. Firstly, unless the vehicle's recent operating conditions warrant additional service such as transmission filter/ oil etc., time value of money principle suggests keep the $500 in your bank account. Secondly, unless you are a stickler for theoretical engineering excellence, ie you stay up all night pondering the relative lubrication characteristics of engine oil beyond Mobil 1 and Redline are good, your vehicle really does not need anything more than timely and comprehensive maintainance.
Finally, if you bring forward the 60K service, you'll need to bring forward every other service. Otherwise you'll have a greater period than is factory recommended between at least two services (assuming that you perform one of them at the right mileage).
Just my 2.49 pennies...
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