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E500 Front End is All Over the Place

Struggling with my 1994 E500 (56K, just off Starmark)


1) Looseness in steering during right-left-right maneouvers and vice versa. Ie if you shift lanes when moving and then shift back before straightening the wheel, there is a very disconcerting lag before vehicle direction changes ( smooth left right left at 35mph without straightening wheel)

2) No clunking in front suspension components whatsoever

3) Vibration in steering wheel only after 65mph

4) Car just does not feel planted. Steering feels very sloppy and car seems to be all over the place at high speed.

- Car needs alignment
- Tyres are crappy-feathered Yoko AVSDBs 245/45/17.
- Tyre pressures fine
- Dealer checked out front and back suspension and found nothing wrong.
- Brand new steering damper
- New control arm bushings
- Relatively new front, rear shocks with new actuators

Any ideas as to whats wrong??
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