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transmission slow shift between 2nd and 3rd

I recently purchased a '90 300SL with 70K miles that has a transmission that appeared to have minor issues, but looks like it might be more than that. Please excuse my non technical desciption of the problem...

Two symptoms exhibited, one was slipping or RPM increase between 2nd and 3rd shift, the other was the "known" slow shift between 2nd and 3rd to warm up the catalytic converter. (and thus I was led to believe that it was normal). I was also told the pressure was a little low on the transmission/valve assembly. The service records indicated that this has been going on for some time. As the car has low milage, I thought it might need to be driven for some long trips and have transmission oil change before and after. This was done...problem still exists.

The slipping was easy to correct, there was an issue with the "clutch" bands, but the shift remains slow, even after you have driven the car for 2 hours or more, so it should be warm or even hot!

If you stop, whether for a traffic signal, or switch off, for any period of time, even less than a minute, the transmission does not want to shift from 2nd to 3rd as smoothly or as easily as the subsequent shifts or transitions. If you do not floor the accelerator, it will normally make the shift around 3500 to 4000 RPM, whereas the other gears shift in the 2500 RPM range. If you floor the accelerator, it will red line (not good).

I have read conflicting opinions on this, normal/not normal etc. I have consulted with a local transmission specialist who is also puzzled by this.

Apart from this, the car seems fine, no noises, no grinding, no problem with reverse, once on the open road or past 3rd, she goes like a dream!

'90 300SL
'90 190E 2.6
'87 300TE (gone to car heaven)
'84 190D (passed along...still in the family and used on a daily basis)

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