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3000 miles oil/filter change is recommanded but I always forget. So for the low usage cars, I change oil at the end of March, June, Sept, and Dec. For others, I change oil/filter when the last four digits of my speedometer hit 0000, 2500, 5000, and 7500.

Rear-end oil change every 30,000 miles.

Tranny fluid/filter change every 15,000 miles ; change the fuild in the convertor too. If it is too much trouble changing the fuild in the convertor, just drain the tranny fuild from the oil pan drain hole every 5000 miles and change filter every 15000 miles. If the existing tranny fuild is brown in color, it is not a good sign. It is better to drain as much fuild as possible, including the convertor.

Power Steering filter/fluid change, possibly every 15,000 miles.

Change Coolent every two years.

Change brake fluid every year.

Valve adjustment every 15,000 miles. At the same time, check the timing chain.

For the air filter, check it very 10000 miles by putting a trouble light behine the element to see how much light is coming thru. Compare the light to a new air filter, you will know the different. In my area (where I can see the air I breathe) I change it about 12000 miles. To clean an old air filter, tap it against a concrete floor to loose up the dirt. Blowing it with an air gun may damage the element.

For the fuel filters, it is an easy call. I look at the small clear plastic filter. If it starts getting dark, I change both fuel filters. For my daily used 300SD, it's about every 10,000 miles. If, in your area, the fuel is clean and your tank is clean, you do not need to change fuel filers like I do. Before you change the fuel filters, be sure the fuel hand pump is in good order first and you have two new rubber o-rings for the spin-on filter. If you still have the old style hand pump, you may want to change it to the new style hand pump at the time you change the fuel filters. The new style is smaller and has less chance of failure (you do not want it leak when you are driving). If you visit the web site,, the author recommends fuel filter changes very 5000 miles. It is your judgement call. Shopping around the internet, you will find that the fuel filters are very cheap, OEM spin-on, <$7; in-line plastic, ~$1.20.

Check your tranny flex hoses (attached to the radiator). If they are still original (no coil spring around the hose), change them.

Check the oil cooler flex hoses (attached to the radiator) too.

Clean the engine possibly every year. Clean and lube the fuel linkage joints with tranny fluid too.

Your car may have a clear plastic in-line filter which is for the vacuum system to breathe (near the left side under hood). It looks like a fuel filter and has a paper element inside. I never change mine but I think the book calls for inspection and replacement if necessary.

Please fill in or correct the information if you can think of anything else.


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