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I hope I don't offend anyone, but I feel it necessary to chime in with a safety message here. The reason it might offend someone is because it's something that should be very obvious to the casual observer.

I am always in a hurry changing a fuel filter and rarely bleed the pressure before removing the filter. Even if you do you will still spill a little gasoline. I always do it outside in the driveway regardless of the weather.

Remember, you are going to have GASOLINE running on the floor. Over the years many people have been killed or severely burned because it did not occur to them that the water heater in their garage had a pilot light. They spilled gasoline and whoosh!

You probably don't have a water heater inside your garage, but just keep your wits about you when you spill gasoline. There are many other things that can set it off, and you don't have to put a flame in direct contact with the gasoline. Gasoline is volatile, and the vapors can be ignited.

We don't want any of our mshop siblings hurt or killed.

Safety first,
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