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Hello. I have a 90 300 SEL and I smell gas inside the car. My mechanic told me it was a faulty gas cap so I got a new one I still smell gas. I see no leaks anywhere and/or on the ground.

The smell is strongest when I lift up the cover for the spare tire. Could there be a hole on the top of the gas tank? Would be unlikely to be there, but cannot think of anything else.

It seems like the vapors are going in the trunk, since there is no ventilation there, it then seaps inside the car.

Oddly enough, it seems like the smell temporarily goes away when I start the car, especially if I put the air on. I have not lost any gas mileage that I can notice, so leak, if any, must not be that big. The smell is terrible though.

Do you have any advice? Please help.


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