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Thanks Steve, I think I am making progress. When I lifted the carpet on the right side in the trunk, there is gas. Gas is somehow flowing down the right wheel well after filling down inside the trunk under the carpet.

Did the water test in the drain hole in the gas filler and the water came up to the same level (used 2 clear coke bottles).

This is the kicker. Where does the fluid go in the third hole in the gas filler cap.

There are three places where the gas could go on filling

1 - Big Circle = fuel tank

2 - Bottom hole = ground

3 - Horizonal Space above Big Circle (#1) = I do not know

Hole #3 maybe is going down the wheel well to the trunk. Afraid to put water down there in the event that it goes into the tank. Does that 3rd space lead to the trunk?

Is is hard to remove the right trunk carpet, would hate to damage it to see.

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