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300 E Died on Highway

My 91 300E died on the highyway this afternoon, had it towed to the closest MB dealership. They can not look at it for a couple days, so I was hoping I might get an idea of the problem before the service department calls... here's the details.

Coming off the on ramp (~40Km/hr) I dropped the auto trans into 3rd then floored it. the car accelerated as usual and I did my lane change. I shifted into D at about 5500 rpm. Almost imediatly I lost power. The engine did not rev when I stepped on the gas. As I was pulling over to the medium I lost power steering and power brakes. All the electrical consumers were operating fine as I pulled over and stopped. I let the car sit for a few minutes then tried to start it. The engine turns over but does not fire. A quick look under the hood showed no loose or disconnected wires, i.e. ignition coil, spark plugs, distributer, gas, ect. I have 1/2 a tank of gas in the car too, so I know thats not the cause

The irony of this is I was on my way to a trade expo with 2 collleagues and we took my Benz, it being the most reliable and comfortable of the other vehicles avalible. I guess we should have taken the Rabbit hatchback then I wouldn't be sitting here wondering what broke on my Benz. Any ideas guys?

Cheers for now
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