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OK .... Help! Help! Voltage Regulator

Changing the V.R.

OK I 've got the car up on jacks and am underneath it....

There are two set of screw holes upper and lower on the alternator.

I had alot of trouble using the lower ones but I got the new VR put in on the upper set. It looked OK so I buttoned it back up and reconnected the battery.

Before starting.... 12.45 volts ok

After starting 12.0 ....11.98 .....

then I turned on the lights 11.90 ...11.89...

and dropping.

So I checked my other two cars 13.5 & 14.2 while running.

I think either I had the VR in wrong or something else...

Obviously the system is not charging....but not warning lights on dash either.

Gonna wait for a reply here....

Please If you can help.

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