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Thanks now I understand the matter better. Just some additional feedback:

(1) My Yoko AVS tires only lasted 5,000 km (not even in miles). The irony is I had 4 Yoko AVS tires but only the rear pair had been worn out at this mileage. Since then, I have changed the rear tires to Falken Azena, which is now about 85% worn out after around 10,000 km (not miles). The interesting part is, till now my front pair is still the Yoko AVS, which has therefore lasted 15,000 km and is only 50% worn out! Does this mean tire problem or the car's mechanical problem?

(2) What I can see on my rear tires:
- worn out seems to be even, inside vs outside.
- no feathers, or other abnormal/unusaul patterns
- left rear tire worn out relatively faster than the right rear, but both appear the same as above.

For camber problem associated with a lowered suspension, a tire should be worn out more at the inside than the outside because of the uneven pressure exerted towards the tires at the two edges. Toes should display a similar situation. Am I correct?

Then what is/are the mechanical problem(s) I am having and why the left rear is wearing out (evenly) faster than the right rear?
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