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I'm sure that you just need to properly adjust your lights. I have not had to adjust mine, but I'm quite sure there is a procedure in your owners manual if you do not want to take it back to the dealer.

I am totally thrilled with the standard halogen lights on my C240, so I am sure that yours can be properly adjusted.

Headlights probably mean more to me than 90% of the drivers on the road. I drive 20 miles of narrow, winding farm roads twice a day, most of the year in darkness both ways. This is just to get to the highway. I have to be dilligent watching for deer and escaped livestock. The lights are so bad on my 300E I have not totally escaped problems, but I'm in better shape than the Deer that I have hit.

Once your lights are properly adjusted, I'm quite confident you will be happy with them.

Good luck,
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