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Arrow C320 2001 Brake Squeal

Question. On my new 2001 C320 Sport Iíve been having problems with the front brakes. They squeal when I attempt to stop gently or creep up to a point. The screech was so bad at times. Once while attempting to stop at a light, crowded by cars and pedestrians, the brakes mad the highest pitch squeal jet, all of the heads turned my way. What an embarrassment for a new C320 this moment was? After taking it to the dealer, they wanted to replace them for $160.00 while still under warranty. So, I decided to do the job my self. I bought new OEM brake pads and installed them my self for less then 60 bucks. While I was at it I cleaned the calipers and lubed them up. But still I have been experiencing the squeaks, but not as much as before. Any suggestionís on my problem?

Thanks Becky


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