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Cutting Springs was a regular topic in _Hot Rod_

and other such journals when I was young (in the '50s and '60s). You have to be aware that by shortening the length of the spring available to flex, you automatically do increase the spring rate, and also: think about the geometry of the situation: suppose the spring is positioned half way between the inner suspension arm pivot and the ball joints -- any amount you cut off the compressed length of the spring will therefore have twice as much effect out at the wheel; this requires some careful calculation, especially since you will have to plan and mark the spring to cut when it's at its uncompressed length. _Hot Rod's_ experts used to advise a rule of the thumb about cutting twice as much of the _uncompressed_ length as you wanted to lower the car, but this often resulted in their readers having to make a trip to the junkyard to find another set of springs to try again, cutting less the second time. Also, some cars are sensitive about the positioning of the end of the coil in the mount, so if you cut off a partial turn, you can have problems with it shifting around during road motions.

And do follow every safety rule regarding the use of spring compressors, etc. -- the skull you save may be your own.

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