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Hi, I have a '72 350SL 4.5 (107.044). The engine was pulled and re-installed by a "mechanic" who was replacing the motor and transmission mounts. After a very long time, (over a year), I took the car back and I am now in the process of getting it running again. So far, I have found a bad distributor cap (the guy broke it) and three bad injectors (they were stuck open). I replaced the cap, and installled all new injectors and seals. My problem is with the MAP sensor, which was not connected when I got the car back. Although the plug to it is keyed, the sensor itself (Bosch 0 280 100 100), is not. I need to know which way the plug goes into the sensor. The plug is curved on one side and flat on the other. Does the curved side go up or down? The wiring harness is color coded, and the sensor body is numbered. If there is a manual somewhere that references the numbers on the MAP sensor to the color coding of the harness, that would help as well. I am afraid to plug in the new sensor I have ordered without knowing this. Help!
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