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I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter which way the connector is hooked. The two outside terminals are connected to one coil of .5-1.0ohms resistance. The middle two terminals connect to a coil 3-4ohms. Since the way the device works is to pass a field through one coil and measure the iductance off a second coil that has a variably inserted core (the core moves in and out under the changes in manifold vacuum). One coil imparts the field to the core and the other one oicks it up depending on how deep the penetration. Since both fields would reverse the inductance between them should be the same.

Anyway the gy/gn goes to term #7 gy/bu to #8 the gy/rd to #10 , and gy/bk goes to #15. Thats how the wiring diagram has it anyway.

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