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I have a 02 c320. Mine locks and unlocks fine, but the memory features are erratic. Mirror an seat don't always come to the proper position. Pressing the appropriate memory button brings the seat and mirror into the correct location. Not a big deal, but annoying in a 44k car.

I figured I'd let it go until my first service at approx 10,000 miles.


Becky wrote:

I as well had a problem with my 2001 C320 key’s. I brought it up to the dealership and they took care of it by ordering new keys for it. But still I have been getting problems with the system. Some times the key will not lock the car; or it will not adjust the seat, mirror’s, and steering wheel. I am thinking of bringing up the problem next time I visit the service department. Do you guys think that my EIS is bad?

Thanks Becky
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