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In CA, putting a W140 w/ ASD on the. . .

dynomotor, is an interesting experience. This is done to pass smog tests but W140s (92 thru 95) are not tested this way since the ASR light and 'limp' mode is activated. But it's a kick to try it: my smog man let me do it for grins!

You can activate the ASR and limp mode but the circumstances have to be "right" or should I say "wrong"!

I've seen my car's ASR 'flash' so that's normal and an expected result. So the suggestion of looking at the DTC may be warranted in your case. It certainly won't hurt especially if you have (or can borrow) a scanner.

But the fact that after restart, everythjing was ok, would indicate that it was probably the 'operators' finesse that caused this.
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