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I can give some hard data John as I just put new pads on the W124. The E-class Owner's Bible (the new one from Bentley, with Stu Ritter's input), says the following:

Bed in new pads -
* Stop 5-8 times from 50-25mph (80-40kph) with light brake pedal pressure
* Allow Brakes to cool between each application
* Avoid hard stops during this procedure.

That's almost laughable with Seattle-area traffic - just try finding an open stretch of road for that kind of treatment! I just did the best I could on the two-lane road outside my house, and I inevitably ended up needing to stop and turn around to make another run. I coasted as much as possible when coming to a stop to aid cooling and was very gentle on the pedal as I got turned around for another go.

We'll see if this works or not...I think the gentle, linear application is key. Don't see why this wouldn't work for your W201 *shrug*

- Ryan
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