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Thanks for the advice on the potential for a leak. I purchased an electronic leak detector to chase two leaks in two other vehciles in the stable. Found both in a matter of minutes. Best money I've spent on a tool in a while. After I run the 450 for a week or two, I'll go over it to make sure all is secure.

I was all prepared to get my license and I found that I can't buy R12 at AUTOZONE or anywhere else here in Southern Maryland. Mailorder only.


134 to 12. Basics are:
-Listen to folks like Larry Bible and Benzmac (lots of wisdom there)
-Whoever converted it for you should be able to tell you if the oil is 134 and 12 compatiable. My guess is that it is. However, you need to probe as to whether or not if he pulled your compressor to drain the oil. I am told that flushing a compressor is bad.
-As long as there were no extra switches installed and the expansion valve is the correct orfice size your mech should be able to recover the 134, pull a vacuum, and load 12.
- Regarding the noise, I suspect that the higher pressures are contributing.

Any other folks out there that went back to 12?
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