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My shifting hasn't changed. I haven't had the pleasure of driving another car to compare, but I don't have hard shifts. On the contrary, it shifts too early and too smooth.

When I got the booster vacuum all hooked up, I discovered that my car will now not shut off instantaneously like it should. It has a leak somewhere, I suspect in one of the doors. And now that I have the correct, restricted vacuum instead of full vacuum coming out of my lines that I rigged up before, there's not enough vacuum to make everything work right. The leak is allowing just enough vacuum to escape to mess everything up just a little.

Evertime I fix one thing, another problem pops up. One good thing though I did the rear brake pads tonight and they were a breeze.

Found where I have a fuel leak while I was under there. Now I'm thinking of yanking the heater motor, trying to fix the shakes the car has developed, changing the AT fluid and filter, and on and on and on.
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