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Mercedes Benz Model 126 (280SE Auto) Year 1983

I am still not able to resolve the problem with my car. The engine will start-up but will not rev on. When the engine warms up, it will rev on slightly to enable me to drive, but certainly without load.

I have already changed many parts right from the fuel tank to the engine, namely new fuel hose from the tank to the fuel pump, new fuel pump, new fuel pressure pump, new fuel filter, 'used' distribution pump, as well as new nozzles.

Shifting now to the ignition, I have changed new vacuum, new spark plugs, new HT cables.

I have further renewed the intake manifold gasket to ensure there is no air leak. To-day I cleared the fuel pipes using pressurised air, but still in vain.

I remember previous to this ghostly episode, I used to experience some sort of engine hesitation upon hard acceleration. I ignored this because it did not affect the normal driving.

There is an old Cobra alarm system wired up in the engine bay. It is not in use now and I did not bother to remove it as I feared that it might upset the ignition system. I wonder if there is any link with the problem.

Please help me.

Warm regards.
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