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Question help - sway bar links gone bad?

i just started hearing this annoying clunk from the rear, almost immediately after my recent muffler re-install. went back to the muffler place and we replaced the rubber hangers but couldn't make the exhaust make any noise by jiggling the pipe. i can easily induce the clunk at low speed by jerking the steering wheel to the right slightly, so that it seems lateral movement has something to do with it. going over rough bumpy roads will also do it, specially at low speeds. i have already double-checked my wheel lugs and the trunk compartments and found nothing amiss.

i did a search and found a reference to sway bar links. is that applicable to my car? i have 62K miles now and they seem to be a likely suspect at this mileage. anyone else have this problem and fix it?

my mechanic got it up on the lift, didn't really find anything except for a worn diff. mount which wasn't it because we went forward and back and couldn't make it go thunk. since lateral movement seems to induce it and it happens even when the car is in netural i'm taking a guess that it's the sway bar links and am getting them replaced. should probably do the diff mounts too...

anybody else have any guesses as to what it could be?

final update
it was the sway bar links!
replaced the links - clunk's gone! the old links that came out didn't look even look worn. you couldn't tell from them being loose or anything while on the car either. car has about 63K on it at the moment. i expect the fronts will go soon as well...
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- gone now <sigh>
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