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update: dealer offer; any advice?

Obviously this is my call but...

I wrote a polite letter to the dealer I bought the car from last year (thanks, Evan). He and the MB region rep together have offered to cover the cost of the new harness if I pay for the labor and have it installed at a MB dealer. Here are choices I see: 1) Drive 500 miles to a Denver dealer who quotes 6 hours labor or $550 (I already plan to drive to Denver tomorrow anyway). 2) Wait until Thanksgiving and drive 700 miles to the dealer I bought it from (they haven't done any of these harnesses, yet). 3) Flatbed the car to a dealer (my expense). Pass on the offer and buy and install the harness myself.

I haven't driven the car since my last posts: symptoms then were rough irregular idle, especially when outside temp was warm (75 deg +) and drives OK at highway speed but no extra power. I have a new o2 sensor but haven't installed it.

Option #1 looks best to me, but what is the risk?

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